FAQ of Cycling Tour & Rental Bike


Cycling Tour

Q1. Do I need to make a reservation?
A. Yes, please book the tour online by the previous day.
Q2. What should I prepare for the tour?
A. Bike, lunch, snack, and water are included, so please bring yourself with comfortable clothes for cycling.
Q3. What is the minimum age of this tour?
A. 15 years old is the minimum age, but if your height is okay with our hybrid bike, you can attend even your age doesn't reach 15.
Q4. How tough Is cycling?
A. Cycling in Eastern Tokyo is not tough because there is not much hills. If you worry about your stamina, please choose "GOOD OLD TOKYO CYCLING TOUR" because it's about 15 km tour and no steep hill on the tour route.
Q5. When do you decide that the tour would be cancelled?
A. If the probability of rain is more than 60% at previous night, we will email you that the tour will be cancelled.
Q6. How do you do when we get unpredictable rain during the tour?
A. If the rain is too hard to keep riding a bike, we enter somewhere around to get out of the rain and wait till it becomes weak enough. If it seems like rain never stops, we possible change the tour contents to go to cafe, restaurant, shopping, or something like that.
Q7. Do you do cycling tour during winter time?
A. Yes, we do. Please wear warm clothes when you join our tour in winter.
Q8. What kind of bike do we use for the tour.
A. We use hybrid cross bike with 6 or 7 gears like picture below. "cross" means between mountain and road bike.


Rental Bike

Q1. Do I need to make a reservation?
A. Yes, please book through online. Please choose pickup date and pickup time.
Q2. Can I rent a bike more than 2 days?
A. Yes, you can rent a bike more than 2 day like 1 week. Please email us directly, and we will tell you the price. info@off-street.com (We need deposit and a copy of passport if you rent for a long time)
Q3. What kind of bike do you rent?
A. We only offer hybrid cross bikes with 6 or 7 gear. "Cross" means between mountain and road bike.
Q4. Is insurances included?
A.Yes. Theft insurance, bodily injury liability insurance, and road service are included.
Q5. Could you tell me traffic rules in Japan?
A. Yes. We prepare the paper explaining traffic rules in Japan.